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I know, the kinda unspoken (and actually quite frequently spoken) rule about blogging is never to accept sponsored content that isn’t relevant to your blog. And you’re probably all aware by now that my blog is not a blog that reviews dog food. However, when the adorable Pooch and Mutt got in touch to offer my little babies some yummy treats to try there was no way I was going to say no.

Best. Blogger. Mail. Ever.
And I’m not even slightly exaggerating.
Seeing their little tails wagging ten to the dozen when I showed them what had come in the post for them is absolutely the best moment of my blogging journey so far – I adore my dogs so much!

Pooch and Mutt are a wonderful brand that promote healthy and organic food for dogs. Containing nothing but natural, grain free ingredients each food type is engineered to help our furry friends bodies work in the best way possible. I explained that my little baby Freckles was 15 this year, so they very kindly sent me some Move Easy food for him to help keep his joints supple as well as some Fresh Breath and Healthy Digestion treats.
Not only are these (apparently) very tasty, they also come with collectible coupons which you can send off for money off your next purchase!

To see what Ted and Freckles thought of their special treat, watch the video below. WARNING: cuteness overload. You can also watch it on YouTube here – don’t forget to hit subscribe!

This is the last content you’ll see from me until my little rebrand next week so keep checking back to see the changes in my blog and content – I’m so excited!

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