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Ok ok, I’ll begin with a disclaimer. This post has absolutely nothing to do with pillowtalk. Or talking. Or pillows. Ok? Ok.
I mean I can do a post on thread count (omg I totally just typed that without the ‘o’ by mistake and I am seriously glad I noticed that typo) and the age old memory foam vs feathers if you’d really like me to but I kinda don’t think that would make the most interesting blog post. Correct me if I’m wrong. Pillows comin’ at YOU.

I’ve been lusting after a pair of jeans sans ripped knees for the longest time. I mean don’t get me wrong, rips are all very well and good providing they’re intentional and in the correct area, but I did want a pair of plain black jeans that could look a little more formal. Also I can now walk around in these sub-zero temperatures without my knees going numb and blue which is never a good look so there’s that too.

I picked up these Joni jeans in Topshop about a week ago and I’m officially all kinds of in love. I mean they’re a little bit tight around the middle at the moment, and I guess they don’t leave much to the imagination (although I promise that is absolutely not a VPL you can see and is definitely my shirt tucked into my jeans) but they seemed to fit me so much better than the Jamies in the same style that I tried on and so they came home with me. And I was uber pleased.

I resurrected my Converse – they weren’t actually dead FYI – and rolled the bottom of the jeans for that super ~alternative~ look cos y’know I’m still an emo at heart, and my favourite NaaNaa duster coat* made a reappearance too. Note how I’ve matched the colour palette of my outfit to my location cos that’s just how I roll.

How do we feel about the jeans? Love them? Hate them? Wanna see some more of them?

| Jacket: NaaNaa* | Top: Topshop | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Converse | Hat: Honour Over Glory |

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UK Fashion Blogger

UK Fashion Blogger

UK Fashion Blogger

UK Fashion Blogger

UK Fashion Blogger

UK Fashion Blogger


  1. Fii Cridland
    February 10, 2016 / 10:49 pm

    Ok so I might have to try these topshop jeans people are raving about on??? Like I just haven't got around to it yet but I feel I'm missing out now… the FOMO is setting in OH NO. Love that duster coat – it's allllll sorts of fab.Yes I'm disappointed about the lack of pillows mentioned in this post tbh :')Fii | little miss fii | uk fashion & lifestyle

    • Lucy-J
      February 11, 2016 / 9:35 pm

      Ok so you really do. Because they're the best and they are SO EFFING COMFORTABLE I CANNOT EVEN. EVEN.It's pretty great but I'm sad because one of the buttons is falling off and I haven't repaired it so I can't do it up and omg cold. Bby I will do a post about pillows just for you <3

    • Lucy-J
      February 11, 2016 / 9:36 pm

      They're fantastic, you definitely won't regret it I can promise you that! xo

  2. Saira Bashir
    February 13, 2016 / 8:32 am

    I've heard fabulous things about the Joni jeans and definitely have to pick myself up a pair !! Gorgeous outfit girl .. I am loving the jacket so much !!Sairawww.throughtheglitterglass.wordpress.comXo

  3. Anonymous
    April 20, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    Adore this outfit! Love the jacket, kinda have to double take to see if it's a long plaid shirt or a jacket. <3

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