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Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Male Blogger

I promise this post isn't going to be another one raving about how hot my boyfriend is. I mean he is, but you don't need me to tell you that. Just look at the pictures, that's photographic evidence enough.

He's begun to get quite used to the blogging thing over the last 3 months, and correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is the fourth time he's appeared on my blog (with another post coming up soon) and he's kinda becoming a seasoned pro. He's definitely got the smouldering-into-the-camera-lens thing down anyway.

This is quite possibly the only time you'll see him wearing colour on this blog because in fact it's the only time I've seen him wearing colour too. This was the same day we decided to go on our woodland walk and he was much more equipped clothes wise (and shoe wise) than I was. In my defense, the woods were right by his house and I hadn't packed for the occasion so y'know. ANYWAY I digress, that day he decided to embrace the whole layering trend but y'know, for guys, and it worked so well!

A simple shirt layered over a t-shirt can add so much to an outfit, either adding a casual vibe to something that otherwise may look quite formal, or even dressing up a more casual outfit depending on the fit and print of the shirt. In this case, it was all about the casual, and teamed with plain black skinny jeans and Doc Martens it was the perfect Autumn (yes I've been that slow uploading these pictures) outfit.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go back to admiring his face. I'm such a lucky girl :)

Male Blogger
Male Blogger
Male Blogger
Male Blogger
Male Blogger
Male Blogger



  1. To be honest though, I would not mind a post dedicated to telling us how attractive your boyfriend is. Because he is. I give a slow clap for nabbing him. You are an extremely lucky girl.

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

    1. Hahaha thank you! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world every single day :) and the best thing is that he isn't just a pretty face either, he's just all round great :) <3


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