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Sunday, 24 January 2016


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Yes I know that isn't YouTube on the iPad in the image, I'm sorry. :(

I thought it was high time I shared the love on this blog for my fellow creators and what better way to do it than rounding up my top 6 favourite YouTubers?

There's no better way to relax in the evening that watching your favourites' videos with a nice hot drink and a cookie, so put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy some quality you(tube) time.

1. Sunbeamsjess - I love Jess' style so much it's crazy. Her lookbooks make me feel a mixture of inspired and seriously jealous all at the same time and I love that she's branching out into beauty videos now too. Her vlog channel is also amazing - check it out! 

2. Zoe London - Also one of my favourite bloggers, I love Zoe's videos so much! Again her lookbooks are incredible but her 'band does my makeup' series is definitely my favourite as she seems to be friends with all my favourite bands. 

3. HeyClaire - Now if there's one YouTuber who I would switch lives with in a heartbeat, it's Claire. I adore her makeup videos and love watching the reviews of products she does. Plus her editing skills are just second to none so there's that too...

4. Steve Booker - I find Steve's mix of fashion and lifestyle videos inspiring. My particular favourites are his travel videos and his coffee culture videos too - again I love his editing skills and idk just watching his videos makes me feel super relaxed.

5. Simply Kenna - a new addition to my subscription list for 2016, I stumbled across Kenna's videos in my related videos sidebar and couldn't help falling in love with her simple makeup tutorials and 70's aesthetic, plus I find her views on Buddhism and vegetarianism fascinating and I love to learn more about her beliefs.

6. Kingsley - because no YouTube list is complete without his videos. His absolutely hilarious opinions on current celebrity culture brighten up my week every single week without fail and his 'Overexposed' video on Bruno Mars Grenade remains one of my favourite YouTube videos to date. 

Do you have any favourite YouTubers? Make sure you link them in the comments below, I love checking out new creators!

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  1. I loved Zoe London, she's one of my favourite YouTubers!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    1. She's fantastic isn't she?! I love how quirky she is and her editing is a dream! xo

  2. Sunbeamsjess is my ultimate favourite! So relaxing to watch - in fact love most of these!


    1. She's wonderful! And I agree, there's something so relaxing about her videos, I find myself watching three years back sometimes I'm so chilled out haha xo

  3. Sunbeamjess and Hey Claire are some of my favourites! I love Mika Francis too x


    1. Oooh I've not heard of Mika! I'll have to look her up tonight :) xo


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