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Inspiration for your outfits comes from everywhere. For me, I find myself most heavily influenced by other bloggers I have huge style crushes on (here’s looking at you India) and the characters I see in film and on TV, so when Farfetch challenged me to take inspiration from an iconic female character and style an outfit around her I jumped at the chance.

Farfetch is a great site which houses hundreds of luxury designers all in one place, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it! One of my biggest inspirations is Audrey Hepburn in her iconic role as Holly Golightly (incidentally this happens to also be my favourite Christmas Lush product…) and so immediately she came to mind when I was putting this outfit together.

Now my original idea for this post involved me actually using items from my own wardrobe and dressing up as Miss Golightly because well, when given the opportunity why wouldn’t you?! However life without a regular blog photographer gets pretty tricky and so y’all are going to have to enjoy this collage instead…

Immediately I logged onto Farfetch in order to find my perfect LBD. Admittedly, Audrey wears a stunning full length gown in the iconic opening sequence however I myself very rarely wear long dresses, and in true Lj fashion once I found one I liked I also found another two that I really couldn’t choose between, so have three! The first, and probably the one that most resembles Audrey’s stunning gown is this tailored little number from Victoria Beckham. Classic, chic and timeless it’s the perfect little black dress for any occasion. This stunning collared number from MGSM was my second choice. The shape of the dress and the addition of the collar gave it a decidedly sixties vibe which reminds me very much of the styling in the film itself (1961) but it was the texture that drew me to it – I always love to wear pieces that stand out, especially investment pieces such as this. 
Speaking of standing out, the third dress by Rick Owens just has my name all over it. The fit, the style (but perhaps not the price tag…) the colour – it’s basically screaming to join my wardrobe and it would be the perfect day to night (or night to day in the case of Holly Golightly) item. No outfit would be complete without a pair of statement heels and these beauties from Sophia Webster immediately caught my eye. Finally to accessorise, and disguise those tired eyes, a pair of luxury sunglasses such as these from Dita are the perfect solution!

If you could embody an iconic film star who would it be? Do you like the items I’ve chosen, or would you have styled it differently?

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  1. Hannah Lucy
    October 16, 2015 / 12:37 am

    What a brilliant post and idea! These are perfect picks!!

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