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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Puffa AW15 Launch

When a brand that holds so many childhood memories for you emails you and invites you to the launch of their A/W15 range in what is quite possibly one of my favourite eateries in Manchester's Spinningfields district, what do you do?

Why you accept that invitation quicker than you've ever accepted anything in your life and immediately start planning your outfit of course!

Puffa AW15 Launch
Puffa AW15 Launch

The event was held at The Hip Hop Chip Shop which is located in The Kitchens, Spinningfields (next to Zizzis and GBK for anyone struggling to find it) and I have it on good authority from the lovely gentlemen serving their mouth wateringly gorgeous halloumi that they will be there for a good 12 months, so plenty of time to indulge on all things fish and chips! ... or halloumi.

I always love it at a blogger event, when not only do you get a proper meal but your glass is always full. I'm not entirely sure how much prosecco I actually drank during the course of the evening, but I can confirm that I successfully walked home in a straight line and I'm almost certain I didn't embarrass myself so I think we're good...

Puffa AW15 Launch
Puffa AW15 Launch
Puffa AW15 Launch
The event itself was absolutely fantastic! We got to meet representatives from Puffa who gave us a great insight into the history of the brand and it's origins in both leisure and street wear.

The highlight of the evening was being allowed to try on items from their stunning new collection - in a real throwback to the '90s and the iconic brand's roots, metallics were everywhere and I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous silver jacket you'll see me wearing below! We collectively couldn't get over how warm but lightweight the jackets were, making them not only the perfect winter warmer, but also an ideal staple for next year's festival season!

Throughout the evening we all completely took advantage of the two Fujifilm Instax cameras given to us to document the evening - give a blogger food, prosecco, a backdrop and the ultimate must-have camera and it's selfie heaven! Encouraged no doubt by the incentive of actually WINNING one of the Instax cameras for the best selfie, flashes were going off in all directions and absolute hilarity ensued! I didn't win myself, but the lovely Maddie did!

Puffa AW15 Launch
Puffa AW15 Launch
Puffa AW15 Launch

 All too soon, it was time to head off and I began my walk home not only having met some wonderful new blogging friends but also in possession of one of the best goody bags I've ever received from an event! A huge thank you to Puffa for inviting me to a fantastic evening - I'll definitely be purchasing my favourite jacket from their new collection, and you should definitely have a look for yours too! View the collection here.

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  1. I was literally just raving about Puffa's beautiful jackets on twitter yesterday! Desperate to buy one.

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

    1. Omg you definitely should! They are honestly so warm and comfortable and their new season collection is stunning! Like the metallics are perfect but there are also some gorgeous burgundy, khaki and black ones on offer too! xo


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