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Sunday, 30 August 2015


The Kooples Men's Trench Coat
If there was such a thing as the Lazy Blogger Award, I would win it hands down.
I'm lazy by nature, a trait I both hate and embrace in equal measures, but this last week I seem to have become lazier than ever. Week 2 of my workout plan and I've already fallen off the wagon, and I haven't touched this blog in almost 7 days - a travesty I'm sure you'll agree.
I have my excuses though, I'm currently mid-way through a much needed break from the city back with my parents in Cheshire, and I think falling out of my routine and not actually having to do anything has got me so relaxed I don't even feel like blogging. I did however, think it was high time I break my digital silence and what better way to do it than featuring my very dashing friend Ed?
The Kooples Men's Trench Coat
The Kooples Men's Trench Coat
The Kooples Men's Trench Coat
For anyone who follows me on Pinterest, it will come as no surprise that I'm doing a post entirely on menswear. Recently, my menswear board has become my most loved, and not just because of the sexy models wearing the clothes - promise (kinda).

I don't know what it is about a well dressed guy, but I'm starting to think that's my thing. I don't have the time or room in my life right now for dating or a relationship, but if I did I honestly couldn't look twice at a guy who doesn't dress well, which sounds really shallow, but I just love it when a guy takes a pride in his appearance. 

I always feel that men's fashion has a lot more to offer than women's. Although we have it all in terms of variety, I feel that all men's clothing is made to flatter. With universal sizes (seriously H&M, you need to take note...) flattering tailoring, and a usually muted colour palette, I honestly find myself wistfully gravitating towards the men's railings quite frequently before forgetting that being both small and a little bit curvy, I probably won't find anything to fit me. (I live in hope)

The Kooples Men's Trench Coat
The Kooples Men's Trench Coat
The Kooples Men's Trench Coat
Ed and myself were embarking on a day of food and exploration in Manchester's vibrant Northern Quarter when he arrived dressed in the most fabulous coat from The Kooples I had ever seen. I basically decided there and then that I needed to shoot him for the blog, and luckily he was very compliant, and also patient as I spent all afternoon dragging him down random alleyways and side roads in an attempt to find the perfect backdrop - I think this one does nicely, a mixture of grungey walls and New York style fire escapes wins me over every time! 

I've always loved the way Ed styles himself, but this outfit really stands out for me, using The Kooples jacket as a statement piece and building the rest of the outfit around it led to a mixture of classic tailoring, an understated yet complimentary colour palette and a variety of textures that just worked so well together. 

What do you think of Ed's style choices?

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