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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Artisan Spinningfields

I fell in love with Spinningfields pretty much the minute I moved to Manchester. It's probably no surprise to you all that I love the finer things in life and Spinningfields has them in abundance, as well as a large quantity of very good looking men in suits so I mean, that's a definite perk too. Quite soon after moving up here, my parents decided to come up for lunch and took me to Artisan, this quirky little restaurant opposite Manchester House and Neighbourhood. 

The whole aesthetic of the restaurant is so damn Pinterest-worthy that I need to go back and get all the interior shots ever - think exposed brick and piping, cacti everywhere and quirky little statues that kinda make you feel like you're in someone's really awesome garden but inside...I don't know either. Oh and all the art on the walls is by local artists, just FYI. 

Artisan Spinningfields
Artisan Spinningfields
We started with a garlic and mozzarella flatbread. I can't resist garlic bread even though since getting so poorly a few years ago it basically destroys me - I'm a glutton for punishment what can I say! And oh this was SO worth feeling so terrible after, it practically melted on your tongue. I would probably have been ok with just one slice but of course me being me needed to eat 3 and well, that evening was fun let me tell you! 

For our main courses, Mum and I both opted for the fishcake, mine sans poached egg, which were gorgeous. Served with asparagus, tomatos and this GORGEOUS buttery sauce they were honestly the most incredible things I think I've ever eaten. And the portion size wasn't too big either which meant it was perfect for lunchtime! All the thumbs up. My Dad opted for the pulled pig sandwich and chips - if it hadn't been pork I would have sampled but unfortunately pork and me don't go well together either (I know, I know) so I couldn't try it. I was assured however it was delightful and it certainly seemed to disappear pretty quickly. The chips however I did try - perfectly seasoned with a variety of herbs and a bit more garlic, I could have eaten the entire portion and then some.

Artisan Spinningfields
Artisan Spinningfields
Artisan Spinningfields
Finally it was time for dessert. My parents shared the Arctic Roll between them which I sadly forgot to photograph, however I opted for this amazing melt in the middle chocolate pudding which was just the perfect way to round off an absolutely fantastic lunch. Basically, in case you couldn't tell from any of the above, 10 out of 10, would recommend every time!
Artisan Spinningfields
Oh and if you go, make sure you take a trip to the ladies (unless you're a guy of course...) because they are just incredible! I'm not a weird toilet fanatic btw, the decor is just stunning - see below ;)
Artisan Spinningfields

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  1. I can't believe I live in Manchester and I am yet to try out this place, amazing post lovely.

    1. Thank you!! You definitely need to try it, it's so good and for Spinningfields it's really well priced too! xo


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