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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Manchester Fashion Blogger

The best piece of advice I've read recently was a quote from the queen of pop herself, T-Swift, which went something along the lines of:

"We should not fall in love because everything that falls gets broken"

Now do not mistake me, I am not in love. Far from it in fact, and I haven't been for a long time. But this is a piece of advice I am determined to listen to a little more in future. I feel like since I've moved to Manchester I've made a few too mistakes and allowed people to get past my walls and learn things about me that I don't share easily, only for it to get thrown back in my face. Not anymore. I will not fall and I will not break.

| Jacket: Topshop | Top: RUNWAY | Skirt: River Island | Boots: Missguided | Jewellery: Michael Kors Watch, Oliver Bonas Ring, Paxos Ring, Pandora Bracelet & Charms |
Manchester Fashion Blogger
Manchester Fashion Blogger
Manchester Fashion Blogger
A much needed trip home this weekend helped me to get my head into a healthier space and see things a little clearer. I'm starting to realise just how far I've come in the last 12 months, and I'm really proud of my achievements. Everything else will happen when it's meant to, so for the time being I'm just going to live my life one day at a time and try to experience as many new and exciting things as I can before I get old and grey.

Manchester Fashion Blogger
Manchester Fashion Blogger
Manchester Fashion Blogger
Manchester Fashion Blogger

It wouldn't have been a trip home without a visit to some of my old blog shoot haunts, and in particular the flyover that's featured quite heavily on this blog throughout 2015. I loved the outfit I was wearing that day - this is the second time I've worn this longline RUNWAY vest top twisted at the side (see the first time here) and I'm honestly so glad I decided to experiment with it that day, it's opened up a whole realm of experimenting with the clothes I already have and I'm excited to fall in love with my wardrobe again.

Manchester Fashion Blogger
Manchester Fashion Blogger

I also, for the first time ever, managed to style an outfit with flats that didn't me look a thousand times shorter than I actually am! I figure this is a huge personal achievement worthy of some serious celebrating and I'm almost completely convinced that it's down to these absolutely bloody incredible Missguided boots which haven't left my feet since I bought them, and the way in which I cinched in my top at the waist to elongate my silhouette and show off my curves. I also wanted to draw attention to the accessories I chose to wear that day too - I know I don't talk jewellery on here very often but that is something that I'm hoping to change over the next few months and I decided to debut a few of my favourites in this post including my brand new silver ring my parents brought me back from Paxos. It's officially my new favourite. Ever. 

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  1. I LOVE THE ALL BLACK, you suit edgy style so well! I could never style myself like this but you look so incredibly gorgeous.
    Hope you've had a great day,
    Bethany x


    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

    1. Thank you so much lovely!
      Honestly I bet you could, black suits everyone and it's just a case of playing around with different fabrics and styles until you find what suits you best :) xx


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