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Now let it be said, I am always up for a challenge. So when EtailPR gave me a call this evening and asked me to style up an outfit suitable for Ladies Day at Cheltenham I jumped at the chance. Ladies Day for me always evokes images of leggy women dressed impeccably and giving off an air of luxury as they swan about the paddock placing bets and drinking champagne. In other words, total heaven. Of course, in these merry daydreams I'm equally as leggy, the sun is shining and I have a sharply dressed gentleman on my arm (and we win £££££ too...) whereas the reality is that I will forever be a hobbit - I can however, dress impeccably.

I wanted to make sure this outfit stayed in keeping with my usual style, so I decided to go for a strictly monochrome affair, with the block white jacket drawing the eye and also ensuring I don't look like I'm attending a funeral rather than a race meet. I would never attend the races in anything other than a dress, so this little Topshop number was both necessary and the obvious choice. My favourite colour and clinging in all the right places, it gives a sexy silhouette while the interesting ruffle around the chest breaks up the shape and gives the dress a unique look. A pair of comfortable heels are a lifesaver, as a day at the races involves a lot of standing and walking around, so a chunky heel like these are the perfect choice. Finally, you can't go to the races without a hat, and in my case a ridiculously large floppy affair is the only way to go!

What would you wear for Ladies Day?


Thursday, 5 March 2015


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I think this is quite possibly the coldest I have EVER been while shooting. I'm not even kidding. Hence the cold and tired screwed up face in a lot of these shots. Also, while we're on the subject of a (kind of) apology - some of these are a little out of focus, however I just loved the setting so much I had to include them anyway. Going back there to shoot this weekend too - I think Liverpool is my new favourite place.

ANYWAY this weekend proved a particularly difficult one for me in terms of deciding what on earth to wear as I needed something appropriate for a winter walk on the beach, an evening date in Liverpool and also 'Meeting The Parents' for the first time. Erm hello, what the hell do you choose when 90% of your wardrobe consists of joggers and small tops that really shouldn't be seen out in public - nights out not included - (I'm looking at YOU Alexander Wang bustier) and the other 10% is formal wear?! Well, I did what every other self respecting young blogger does when faced with such a sartorial dilemma. I asked Momma Love. Who also came up stumped. We pondered, we mused, my wardrobe was emptied and then refilled and then emptied again before we came to the conclusion that really there was very little I could do.

So I went for the old faithfuls, the NaaNaa jacket for warmth (lol), my RUNWAY leather leggings because they're just plain awesome, Nikes and a beanie because this is me that we're talking about, and my Cheap Monday short sleeved kinda turtlenecked sweater. Boom.

I think I got it right in the end, what do you think?

urban style, street style, fashion, fashion blogger, fblogger, monochrome.
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nike, monochrome, fblog, fblogger, blogger, fashion blogger, fashion, street style, style , urban style
monochrome, nike, fashion blogger, fashion, blogger, fblog, fblogger, urban style, street style
nike, monochrome, fblogger, fblog, fashion blogger, blogger, fashion, street style, urban style
nike, monochrome, fblogger, fblog, blogger, fashion blogger, fashion, street style, urban style


Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I feel basically like I look like the moodiest person alive in these pictures. I promise you that I am in fact very happy currently - let's blame it on the weather or the fact that I had to wear my new Superstars in the mud and leave it at that mmmkay?

Anyway, carrying on the trend of essentially wearing pjs out of the house and it being absolutely a-okay I decided to pair my current favourite joggers (my Trend Two old faithfuls in case you were wondering, which, considering this is actually a personal style blog you probably were...) and a nice baggy t-shirt complete with hilarious slogan (yes that's right, my The 1975 obsession continues. Lets face it, it won't stop anytime soon).  The main focus of this outfit in my opinion though are my new Adidas Superstars. They're kinda like a newborn baby to me in that I'm far too protective of them for my own good. Considering they're outdoor shoes and I've only actually worn them outdoors for the purpose of this shoot so far (the rest of the time they've been displayed in pride of place in my shoe collection for me to fawn over from the safety of my bedroom) I feel like I should probably get a grip and just wear them. But they're just so pristine and white and I'm basically rambling again...

Basically right now I'm obsessed with loose fit, monochrome and contrasting textures. That is what I'm all about.

// Top: Etsy // Joggers: Trend Two // Trainers: Adidas //

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