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Monday, 15 December 2014


"..i can't exist within my own head, so I insist on haunting your bed"

Deciding to name this post after my current favourite song, and subsequently quoting my favourite lyrics like the little emo kid I truly am at heart was something I simply couldn't resist. I'm slowly beginning to feel like myself again which is refreshing, and this means that I'll be back to regular posting (especially considering I have two weeks off beginning on Friday) so all in all I am one happy little camper.

I absolutely loved this outfit. I've always been scared of getting a pair of mom jeans because I thought that they wouldn't flatter me, however one of my lovely best friends very kindly gave me these on a recent trip to London and I absolutely love them. Although they're slightly tight (the inevitable Christmas weight gain has apparently already begun) when I begin my detox in the New Year it shouldn't be a problem!

I decided to style them with my favourite Adidas t-shirt that I got from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, and it was actually the perfect comfortable combination. This is exactly the kind of outfit that I'd wear to go Christmas shopping in (incidentally, I think it was actually the outfit I wore to go Christmas shopping in...) as it is just so wearable. I of coursed teamed them with my favourite Nike Roshe Runs which I don't think have actually left my feet since I bought them - in the metaphorical sense of course, I'm not that gross! What footwear are you loving this winter?

// Top: Adidas // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Nike //



  1. Love this outfit!. Your blog is great! - im a new follower


  2. You look super cute & casual. Those jeans look great on you! I have some similar but I feel huge whenever I wear them as they feel so different to skinnies (The only other fit of jeans I own!) but they look super nice on you. Might try mine with trainers!

    Sarah-Jane xo


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