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Friday, 28 November 2014


I fell victim to Black Friday. I never saw this coming, I can usually restrain myself however on my lunch hour I decided to go Christmas shopping and accidentally made a large dent in this month's paycheck, however I am now nearly done and ready to wrap, which excites me greatly because it means it's basically Christmas.

I am so festive right now.

This Adidas sweater was my other purchase from my accidental Urban Outfitters splurge last weekend, and honestly I'm so glad I bought it. I was very close to leaving it in the shop and saving money before conveniently remembering that actually I don't possess a decent black sweater and since the weather is going colder I should probably get one. Funny the way my mind works when spending money is on the cards, suddenly I can come up with an excuse for needing anything. The Calvin Klein bra had to stay in store though, until tomorrow anyway.

I seem to have lived in this shorts and boots combination for the last week, but I just forgot how comfortable they actually are and I'm really glad I decided to route them out of the back of my drawers. I just wish the shorts hadn't faded so much but oh well!

Tomorrow I'm off to explore the Christmas markets in Manchester and hopefully finish off the last of my shopping before a nice chilled Sunday, just the way a weekend should be! I hope you all have a brilliant weekend.

// Sweater: Adidas at Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Old // Beanie: Rihanna for River Island // Boots: River Island (similar here) //



  1. Aah i'm currently on the urban outfitters site looking at black friday deals as we speak! definitely need restraining :( love your sweater!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  2. Beautifuuuul! The Black Friday deals will be the death of me, I have no self-restraint!

    Lauren x

  3. Love this outfit, you look really cool :) Also really love your blog - you've got yourself a new follower :)

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  4. Love the sweatshirt!

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  6. Looks really comfy and cool. I know what you mean by how your mind works when you're just trying to come up with any reason to buy something, such dangerous territory! :)

  7. The beanie looks great on you! And that sweater looks so trendy, I want it <3

  8. awesome look :)

  9. Love the outfit!



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