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Friday, 28 November 2014


I fell victim to Black Friday. I never saw this coming, I can usually restrain myself however on my lunch hour I decided to go Christmas shopping and accidentally made a large dent in this month's paycheck, however I am now nearly done and ready to wrap, which excites me greatly because it means it's basically Christmas.

I am so festive right now.

This Adidas sweater was my other purchase from my accidental Urban Outfitters splurge last weekend, and honestly I'm so glad I bought it. I was very close to leaving it in the shop and saving money before conveniently remembering that actually I don't possess a decent black sweater and since the weather is going colder I should probably get one. Funny the way my mind works when spending money is on the cards, suddenly I can come up with an excuse for needing anything. The Calvin Klein bra had to stay in store though, until tomorrow anyway.

I seem to have lived in this shorts and boots combination for the last week, but I just forgot how comfortable they actually are and I'm really glad I decided to route them out of the back of my drawers. I just wish the shorts hadn't faded so much but oh well!

Tomorrow I'm off to explore the Christmas markets in Manchester and hopefully finish off the last of my shopping before a nice chilled Sunday, just the way a weekend should be! I hope you all have a brilliant weekend.

// Sweater: Adidas at Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Old // Beanie: Rihanna for River Island // Boots: River Island (similar here) //


Thursday, 27 November 2014


I know I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'm looking to feature more music on this blog in the future, and I was intending to start regularly writing about it in the New Year, but sat at my desk today I asked myself what on earth I was waiting for?  I'm at a point in my life now where I seriously need to start grabbing life by the balls and living, as I've held back on things for far too long.

This may all sound super serious and deep considering I'm just going to be doing a post about my current favourite albums tonight, but I'm sure you know what it's like when you sit down to write and the words just pour from your fingertips with no way of really stopping them. This is why I like writing so much for a living - to me the whole process of putting pen to paper (metaphorically in this case) is so cathartic.

But anyway! On to the music! I'm currently listening to four artists on absolute repeat, and for various different reasons. I'm sure at least one of them you'll have heard of before, but I'm hoping that if you haven't checked any of them out before, you'll give them a go. Each are incredibly different and utterly amazing in their own right. I'm not going to be going too in depth as to why I've chosen these artists, as two of them in particular hold very personal and emotional places in my heart that I don't think are really right for this blog, but I will give a short overview of each of their individual sounds and my favourite tracks on the albums.

1. The 1975 "IV EP" - my favourite of all their EP's and even over the album itself, this EP is the one I turn to when I'm in need of something to help curb my anxiety. It's a much softer sound than their self-titled debut in my opinion, and with a much more abstract feel. It makes me think of winter nights in the city with all the lights blending into one, laughing with my friends and going to gigs before spilling out onto the streets in a riot of colour and noise and life. Listen to 'So Far (It's Alright)'.
2. Neck Deep "Rain in July" - this was the band's debut studio EP, and I can honestly say I am so proud to know that they come from so close to my little hometown. To know that people can escape here and actually make it big is so comforting, and I couldn't wish for a better band to have done it. I used to be friends with Ben's brother Seb, so even though we haven't spoken in years I still feel a fond attachment to the band in a funny way. Their upbeat vocals and general pop-punk awesomeness cheers me up every time I listen to them, and they're a pretty great band to work out to as well! Listen to 'A Part of Me ft Laura Whiteside'
3. Front Porch Step "Aware" - Front Porch Step's sound is one I have only discovered this summer, but one that has captivated me ever since. Every word that he sings is so raw and emotional and I feel like I can totally relate to every lyric that he writes, simply because he weaves such a vivid picture of great romance and heartbreak. Not one to listen to when you've gone through a breakup, but definitely a strong soundtrack for getting on with life. Listen to 'Drown'.
4. Enter Shikari "The Last Garrison" - now this one isn't actually an album, it's the first single from their forthcoming fourth studio album which is released early next year, and I absolutely cannot wait for it. I have been a huge fan of theirs since the Myspace days, with their first EP dropping around '03/'04 and every single release of theirs since has just been so incredible. I cannot even start to begin to describe what this band means to me so I won't even try. Give them a listen, they are incredible and their message is so important.

So that about wraps it up for tonight. A very wordy post from me for a change but one that I have really enjoyed writing. There will be more music on the blog in the future, along with some of my photography and original artwork as well I hope, but tomorrow we'll be back to the clothes again!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I'M FEELING SO FESTIVE TODAY! Yes, that festive that caps lock was 100% necessary. It's actually been this way since listening to Grimmy on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show on my way into work yesterday, announcing their Christmas officially starts on Monday when they will begin playing Christmas songs. He then proceeded to tease my ears with the opening strains of 'All I want for Christmas' for the next 10 minutes, which caused much excited noises and occasional bouncing around while driving through town. I may or may not have got a lot of strange looks and now I'm very much in the Christmas spirit.

Not that any of that has anything to do with this outfit or these photos, although I guess that you could argue my shirt is entirely Christmas coloured, brownie points to me. The main focus of this outfit was supposed to be my Alexander Wang for H&M t-shirt, although the photos I actually took of it didn't show up the detailing on the back and it ended up looking just like a plain black t-shirt which is a shame. I had Momma Love on the case for me when the collection was released as I was in the office and couldn't get online, and basically asked her to get anything she could - so it was a total surprise when I opened the parcel. To begin with, I was a little disappointed as it didn't look like anything more than a black t-shirt, and I was tempted to Ebay it until I tried it on and realised how flattering it actually was - and I have no other plain black tops in my wardrobe so it really is a brilliant basic to own.

Finally I can't not mention these amazing boots from River Island. I didn't intend to buy anything when I went into the store a couple of weeks ago, but then I saw these in the sale reduced down to £30 and couldn't say no - they're so comfortable and warm and comfortingly chunky that they have now earned the title of my new Favourite Boots. Plus they add about 3 inches to my height so *thumbs up emoji*

// Shirt: Topshop (similar here) // T-Shirt: Alexander Wang X H&M // Shorts: Similar Here // Beanie: Rihanna for River Island // Boots: River Island (similar here) //


Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Tonight is another night of my being totally distracted by something other than my blog - this time it's with videos shot by James Booth of The 1975. Anyone who's read this blog from the beginning will know that they are my absolute favourite band, and I'm crazy passionate in my love for them, so to see these videos of them on tour is just brilliant. I really need to post more about music on here, it is another real passion of mine and I want to start fusing my love of fashion and music together and get a bit creative in the new year.

For now however, it's all about the fashion and in particular this amazing t-shirt by Adidas. I've been wanting a statement t-shirt by them for ages, and when I stumbled upon this one in Urban Outfitters this weekend I absolutely couldn't resist making it mine, despite banning myself from actually spending any money (it's pretty clear how that worked our right?!). I love that it is totally in keeping with my urban sporty style, while at the same time giving my outfit a pop of colour that I don't normally have. Not a stereotypically winter top by any means, but I can tell it's going to see me right through til summer next year. I'm also crazy about its extra length, and it is made of the softest cotton known to mankind, I kinda want to rub it all over my face. (I sound insane).

I am actually wearing shorts under it I promise, just simple black jean shorts which I've worn to death in the many years I've had them, but I'd also style this top with a pair of jeans, a skirt or even some joggers for a super relaxed look.

Its so cold up North now that I'm going nowhere fast without this beanie attached to my head. I love how I can get away with keeping my ears warm with it as well, win win situation. Finally, my River Island necklace and Nike Roshe Runs completed the outfit for me - altogether one of the comifest combinations I've worn in a long time!

Lucy-J xo

//T-Shirt - Adidas // Shorts: (similar here) // Beanie: Rihanna for River Island // Trainers: Nike // Necklace: River Island (similar here) // 


Monday, 24 November 2014


As promised, here is part 2 of my London photo diary from my many jaunts down there over the last few months. They make me slightly sad to look back on, as I'm missing the bright lights so much at the moment while stuck in my little Northern city, but it is at the end of the day home, and maybe one day when I'm living in London I'll be looking back with nostalgia on the photos of home, just wanting a Christmas back in Chester.

I wanted to make another trip down before Christmas, but my bank balance is not in the healthiest state right now, and with Christmas shopping still to do I don't know if I can justify spending so much money on train fares!

Most of these photos were taken inside Liberty when I visited with my friend Mel - I'd never been able to look inside there properly before having only made one flying visit in the past, and this time they had opened their Christmas store so of course we couldn't not go and have a look! It was honestly so amazing and smelt absolutely divine! All spices and winter fruits and with the Christmas carols piping through the store and everywhere being so glittery I got far too overexcited and bought a vast quantity of decorations. But how could I not?

Have you seen the Liberty Christmas store yet? And has anyone else noticed how many times I've used the word 'Christmas' in this post?! Ridiculous.

Lucy-J xo


Sunday, 23 November 2014


This week I have been so intensely exhausted that vast quantities of caffeine have been the only conceivable way to get me through the days. I'd like to say that it was because I've been working so hard, but actually it's probably got more to do with the fact that I have been up until the early hours of the morning each night this week absolutely glued to the book that I am currently reading. It's so good.

So I've vowed that this week I will be asleep early every night to put me in top form for the week ahead. I've now fully embraced my new role at work and I'm spending all day every day writing, researching and coordinating marketing campaigns which is just so much fun! It certainly takes more brainpower than my old job and I'm thinking that's probably another reason I'm so sleepy!

This weekend I went to Liverpool with my best friend and her boyfriend to see the Andy Warhol exhibition that is currently on at the Tate which was incredible. I left feeling inspired to actually begin to put into practice all of the ideas that I currently have bouncing around in my head. I miss producing art every day, I miss taking photographs, editing, filming. I miss modelling. So I am absolutely determined to start doing more of the above, and next year on a much larger scale so that I can start living the life I both love and want.

I hope you're all having as inspiring and fun a weekend as I have!

Lucy-J xo


Thursday, 20 November 2014


 So today I worked out that it's just under a month until I finish work for Christmas, and although I love my job I am more than a little excited about the idea of 2 uninterrupted weeks off. I think my festive mindset was brought on by my trip to Staples today, during which they played non-stop Christmas carols over the radio and I may possibly have had The Darkness in my head ever since. I also managed to spend over £100 of my boss' money on stationery - somehow he still likes me.

This outfit is without doubt my absolute favourite. Although a little to cold to wear it out now without at least a massive jacket over the top, it is going to be a definite go to when the weather gets warmer next year (how have I gone from talking about this Christmas to next summer in two paragraphs?! Talk about wishing your life away!!). I have been trying to figure out how on earth to wear this mesh top since I bought it a year ago, and I finally decided to be daring and wear it with nothing but my favourite Urban Outfitters bralet underneath - luckily my hair is long enough to cover my chest!

Obviously my satin Trend Two joggers made a come back, along with this fab Rihanna for River Island beanie I picked up when she released her collection - I like to call it my ironic statement hat. It claims to be 'G 4 life' but I am quite possibly the least 'G' person who has ever existed. Finally, I had to find an excuse to wear my fab new Nike Roshe Runs which I picked up in London - I've literally wanted this exact pair for months, and have been waiting to find a store stocking them so that I could try them on before buying. I finally found them in Foot Asylum on Oxford Street a few weeks ago and I swear I could live in them, they are the comfiest shoes in the world.

So basically, after all that rambling, I think I have finally found an outfit which really sums up my true style. I have never felt more like me when wearing an outfit before! Do you have any outfits that make you feel that way?

Lucy-J xo

// Top: Runway // Bralet: Urban Outfitters // Joggers: Trend Two // Shoes: Nike //


Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I am writing this while in the depths of the worst food coma I've had in many a year. I went to Nandos tonight and I think I ate everything in the restaurant. Literally everything. Even the dessert. I look (and feel) about 8 months pregnant right now, I kinda feel like I should be demanding a baby shower and decorating the spare room. So, while I sit here and swear I will never eat this much again (until next week) I thought I'd share this outfit with you lovely lot!

I saw this top in Topshop the week before I went to London (incidentally the same day I got the shoes) and decided not to buy it and save my money for Oxford Street. Only ever since I left it in the store I literally thought about it constantly until about 2 days before I was due to head down, I couldn't resist any longer and snapped it up online with next day delivery. I'm so glad I did. Not only is it the perfect level of sheer (read: not too see through, but see through enough to embrace the grungey trend right now) it was also the perfect length for me to wear as a dress. Now I can assure you I have a skirt on underneath which you will see in the photos below, but I will admit it doesn't look like it in the above photo. I absolutely loved this outfit though, I felt so cool wearing it round London and the slouch, over sized fit of the top made it really comfortable for a day battling the crowds.

I seem to be massively embracing the whole grunge/90's trend at the moment, and I'm absolutely loving it. It's the most 'myself' I've felt in a very long time. Are there any trends you're loving at the moment?

Lucy-J xo

// Top: Topshop // Skirt: River Island // Choker: Topshop // Shoes: Topshop (similar here) //


Monday, 17 November 2014


Mondays are not my favourite day, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I have 100% fallen out with Monday, and this Monday in particular. Mainly because it was a mixture of leg and abs day at the gym and I'm tired, but perhaps less said on the matter is best.

I love this outfit, I felt so gothic and witch-y that I wish I'd had it in time for Halloween, unfortunately however I only ordered the jumper the week I went to London. I have been thinking of doing the Drop Dead lucky dip for months, and then subsequently forgetting each month when getting paid and spending all my money in Topshop instead, so when I found myself browsing their newest collection at the start of the month I figured I'd be brave and take the plunge. Opting for outerwear as I knew I loved 90% of their jumpers and hoodies, I rather nervously pressed purchase and waited for several days with bated breath before the parcel arrived, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

The quality of Drop Dead's items is always absolutely top notch, and this occasion was no different. The jumper is SO soft it's actually delightful to wear, and although it's quite thin and therefore not the warmest garment out there, it does look really fab for winter. I should also mention the absolute dream that is Drop Dead's pipsqueak sizing, making life easier for us tiny people out there. Their pipsqueak sizes are essentially petite sizing, but they give a much clearer indication of fit than regular petite sizing (or so I have found). I am usually a size 4 on the top, so ordering the pipsqueak medium gave me this fabulous loose fit. Teaming it with my favourite River Island bodycon skirt and my new Topshop shoes took it from a really casual knit to something that I could wear out for a meal or drinks in the evening. The addition of the hat was an afterthought on my part but one that I believe has worked well, giving it the slightly gothy vibe that I love.

How would you have styled this jumper?

Lucy-J xo

//Jumper: Drop Dead (similar here) // Skirt: River Island // Shoes: Topshop (similar here) // Hat: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // 


Sunday, 16 November 2014


I seem to be in a particularly reflective mood at the moment, in particular, where my life and more specifically what I am doing with it, is concerned. I think I have changed so much over the last 12 months, and in changing, my aspirations have changed as well.

12 months ago I never thought that I'd be blogging. I loved clothes but didn't have the confidence in myself to experiment with them or talk about my love for them, I thought I'd never be taken seriously and my lack of confidence held me back from doing so many things. This year has been so positive in terms of my self belief, but yet that annoying voice in the back of my head is still doubting everything that I do.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to dreaming that one day this blog will be big enough for me to make money from, or forge a career from. I know that its a dream so many others have as well, and I'm under no illusion that it will actually happen, but I think in dreaming this it causes me to frequently compare what I do to those bigger bloggers out there who are paving the way for us in the industry, which can be both a positive and negative exercise depending on your mindset at the time. One thing that I have noticed, is that each and every one of them is completely themselves. They don't put on an act, they don't pretend to be someone they're not. They're totally true to themselves and we love them all for it - but if I don't know who I am yet, how can I become a credible blogger?

Don't get me wrong, I don't put on an act on here in the slightest, what you see will always be exactly what you get with me, but I just wonder if perhaps my insecurities in myself become apparent to others around me, and maybe they're still holding me back?

And that's about as personal as it's ever going to get on here! Sunday afternoon ramblings over, I'm going to play with my new camera and get a bit creative.

I hope you're all having a brilliant weekend.

Lucy-J xo


Saturday, 15 November 2014


Ok so, the colour palette is no more inspiring than last time, but I like to think after not using Photoshop for several years my collage skills may be slowly improving.

I always find that River Island is one of those stores that I go into and either want to purchase the whole store, or I go in and there's virtually nothing that I like. In the winter, their collections are usually spot on and I tend to find a billion and one things that I want, but this year doesn't seem to be following the same trend which is a shame. I went in this afternoon and despite the pair of boots I accidentally bought in the sale, there really wasn't anything I wanted. Their collection doesn't seem to have really changed or improved much since summer, or maybe it's just that my tastes have changed a LOT since then.

I did however find a few items I liked this afternoon while having a mooch on their website for the purpose of this exact post, and I have put them together for you above. I think my favourite things are the skirt, which is actually a limited edition online exclusive, and the velvet joggers. We all know I have a full on obsession with my satin ones, and velvet just sounds so warm and cosy for winter that I kinda need them in my life despite my wardrobe being completely full already. I also love the grey shoes - I will forever have space for more stacked sole shoes, and these slip on ones are actually perfect in every way. 

Lucy-J xo

Thursday, 13 November 2014


It's not very often that I write about anything other than fashion, and even less often that I mention perfume but every so often I find a special scent that I just can't help but rave over, and DKNY's MY NY is precisely one of those.

I am one of those weird people who gets triggered easily by scent, just a whiff of aftershave or perfume in a shopping centre can give me an anxiety attack or transport me back several years to a specific and vivid memory, and therefore I like to make sure that the perfume I wear is quite unique. I also like a perfume that lingers on my skin throughout the day rather than having to carry it round everywhere to spritz myself when it begins to wear off, and therefore I'm super selective when it comes to scent (check that out for a bit of alliteration!).

When DKNY released the MY NY scent earlier in the year, it was literally everywhere. It seemed that every beauty blogger was reviewing it, every advert on TV had it in, and I realised that just maybe I should see what the fuss was about. Nipping into Boots after work to try a sample had me sold straight away. I am usually a fan of musky scents, so the floral undertones of MY NY are very different to what I'd normally go for. It's such a young, vibrant scent and it seemed perfect for the end of summer, however getting into the colder months I still feel myself reaching for it rather than something heavier. The unique design of the bottle grabbed as well, it's lid designed to resemble the skyline of my favourite city in the world is such a cute little detail, and overall I feel like it's the perfect scent for me.

So as you can tell 1) I really love this perfume, and 2) I am definitely not cut out for a career in reviewing scents. I do believe however, that you should go and give this a spritz next time you're in the market for a new perfume as you may be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have a perfume you turn back to time after time, or are you favouring one in particular for winter?

Lucy-J xo


Wednesday, 12 November 2014


 I think the last 48 hours have been spent in a post London haze of tiredness and work and 'I-really-should-go-to-the-gym-but-that-requires-movement'. I don't know if anyone else gets like this after a weekend of bad behaviour, but I think at the grand old age of 22 it's starting to really affect me, secretly longing for the days of being 17 and able to survive on 4 hours sleep every night. How did I do it?!

Honour Over Glory have been a brand that I have both loved and supported from the get go. Their founder has pretty much exclusively paved the way for alternative clothing companies over the years, and despite many coming and going, HoG are the one who consistently produce quality collections season after season, and this one is no different. The minute I saw this long sleeved shirt on their website (among many other things) I knew I absolutely had to have it. It's so warm considering the lightweight material, and fits so nicely that I'm already pretty much living in it despite having only had it for a week.

Teaming it with my favourite leather look leggings and white stacked canvas shoes was what I like to call an inspired choice. Sheer comfort with a sporty edge was perfect for an afternoon around London and I felt both stylish and totally comfortable with what I was wearing which isn't exactly a regular occurrence.

Have you checked out Honour Over Glory before? They have a sale on at the moment so grab a bargain while you can!

Lucy-J xo

// Top: Honour Over Glory // Leggings: Runway (similar here) // Shoes: Schuh (similar here) //


Tuesday, 11 November 2014


So I basically keep gallivanting off to London and leaving you all without blog posts, and seeing as this weekend marks the second time in around a month I figured that maybe I should show you a few of the things that I've been up to.

Admittedly most of these are just snapshots taken while out and about, and aside from the obvious Natural History Museum shots I'm actually not entirely sure where the rest were taken, but I had my 70-300mm lens with me and fancied playing tourist-y photographer for the day taking artful shots of buildings and the like. Please forgive me.

Oh, and just a warning for you, I pull the most delightful faces when taking photos with my friends. I'd like to say that the one below is a one off, but I would most definitely be lying. You should see my Facebook/computer hard drive.

Now I'm off for an early night, regular service will resume tomorrow with an outfit post. I hope you're all enjoying  your week so far, and if you're not remember it's only 3 days until the weekend! (I'm definitely not counting)

Lucy-J xo

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