I’m sorry I never provided you lovely lot with a Sunday post last week but alas I was still in London and exhausted after a weekend of bad behaviour, however as you may have noticed this week I’m back with lots of outfit shots to post and finally in possession of an (albeit old) video camera so fingers crossed I may be able to start my YouTube channel properly this week too – as long as I can shake off this cold.

So my weekend hasn’t been hugely exciting as I’ve spent most of it in bed reading blogs, finishing OiTNB (sobs dramatically whilst waiting for season 3) and reblogging far too many pictures of The 1975 on Tumblr, but this week itself has been pretty good work wise and I’ve now got another trip to London soon to look forward to which is certainly making the rubbish weather and hideous cold much better!

As far as this week is concerned, my aims include *cough for dramatic affect*

1) Shift this revolting cold so that I can start going to the gym again and getting active.
2) Start using social media a little more, and to better effect.
3) Manage to watch at least one episode of AHS in the dark without freaking myself out and having to turn it off half way through.

Silly goals this week but I’m saving the serious stuff for when I’m feeling better – then I’ve got some serious lifestyle changes to make.

What are your aims for the week ahead?

Lucy-J xo


  1. VV Nightingale
    October 19, 2014 / 10:02 pm

    I want to get rid of my cold too, it's so annoying! I also need to start using more social media in a productive way.

    • Lucy-J
      October 20, 2014 / 8:00 pm

      They're the most annoying things aren't they?! xo

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