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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Ok, I really don't know what's happened with my photos this week. Admittedly they were taken towards the latter end of the afternoon but the light hadn't faded that much, and I can't understand the graininess since my ISO was really low but hey ho, we live and learn and hopefully next week's shots will be an improvement!

Onto the outfit, this is such an insanely 'me' combination of grungy slogan t-shirt and possibly the shortest shorts known to mankind. I've pretty much lived in outfit combinations like this since my early teens - interchanging the slogan tee for a band shirt, the whole ensemble reminds me of late night gigs, unsigned nights, chilling backstage and photographing everything, singing guest vocals and later main vocals with various bands and generally having the greatest time. Full on nostalgia in an outfit.

What outfits do you think really represent you or a special time in your life?

Lucy-J xo

// Top: Zara // Shorts: Topshop // Shoes: Office //


Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Before I get started talking about clothes, I feel the need to point out that the title of this blog post is in no way an admission of jumping on the boyband loving bandwagon. It's just the bloody song has been stuck in my head non-stop for about 3 days now (thanks Radio 1 >.<) and when trying to come up with a title for this post it was literally the only thing that came to mind.

On to the outfit, I picked up this little top in Topshop completely on a whim and actually fell head over heels in love with it not long after. It's just the perfect little basic to throw on with a pair of jeans when you're feeling slightly uninspired outfit-wise, and it's so comfy I could hardly leave it in the shop. I'm really getting into wearing jeans at the moment, I actually don't know what's happened to me. I believe that the jeans I'm wearing are Topshop's Jamie jeans, although I'm not 100% certain so I've actually linked to the Joni ones instead. Although you can't see in this picture, these are high waisted which is an absolute must in a pair of jeans for me now, and I love the casual rips in the front. They fit wonderfully as well - I actually sized up to an 8 in these, after having surgery on my stomach last year I'm not a fan of having things too tight around it, although the 6 would have fit easily as well, so I believe their sizing is spot on with these. Shoved the good old Schuh stacked canvas shoes on again as well to add a bit of brightness to the outfit and a bit of height to my legs...

What basics are you swearing by this winter?

Lucy-J xo

// Top: Topshop // Jeans: Topshop (similar here) // Shoes: Schuh (similar here) //


Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Such an attractive thumbnail there right guys? I seriously need to remember to actually take a thumbnail picture for each of my videos before I upload them in future... oh well. Have a Tuesday night laugh at my expense!

I hope your weeks have all got off to a good start - I apologise for uploading this literally at the end of October, I may be rubbish with YouTube but at least I am consistent. I might even remember to film my October favourites this weekend between Halloween shenanigans. I am that dedicated.

Hope you're all having a lovely evening, I'm off for an early night, tired isn't the word!

Lucy-J xo

Monday, 27 October 2014


I decided to go all out 90's throwback with this look this weekend, and shock horror (!!) I'm actually wearing colour! Yes folks, items that are not exclusively black or white do exist within my wardrobe, albeit they are few and far between. I actually think these leggings were buried at the bottom of a drawer but y'know...

I bought this sweater back in January, and constantly forget that I actually have it, however throwing it on to brave Sunday's weather was one of the best ideas I've had in a while - it's so warm! Pretty sure it'll become a wardrobe staple over the next couple of weeks until it turns Baltic, after all its grim up North! Now I know I prattle on about being short, but I really am quite tiny, and therefore these stacked sole canvas pumps I got from Schuh a few years ago really finished the outfit off - after all, those few extra inches make a massive difference (ahem).

My Monday night is going to consist of cuddles with my dogs, bad TV and food - quite possibly the best combination ever. I hope Monday is treating you all well...

Lucy-J xo

// Sweater: Topshop (similar here) // Leggings: Topshop // Shoes: Schuh (similar here) //


Sunday, 26 October 2014


I'm feeling a little lacklustre today. I kinda didn't really feel like I wanted to blog but I decided to keep to the schedule anyway because the minute I fall out of a routine I find it incredibly difficult to get back into - or maybe that's just sheer laziness.

Anyway, after an hour or so of shooting outside in the freezing cold, followed by a shower so hot I think I may have given myself 3rd degree burns, I'm comfortable in bed with the smell of roast dinner cooking downstairs and giving myself the time to reflect upon my week.

It's been a funny old week actually - I don't think I've been in entirely the best mindset and I've spent far too much time sleeping and eating junk food for my own good. I've come to the conclusion my overall grim demeanour is due almost entirely to the fact that my diet is atrocious and I haven't done any exercise in weeks, and boy can you tell!

So without further ado, my aims for the week are:

1) Go to the gym every day during the week, aside from Halloween.
2) Eat better - we all know I'm addicted to sugar but if I can't cut it out completely I seriously need to eat less of it, and my weekend of multiple chocolate brownies and cookies marks my last binge until Christmas. Promise.
3) Get some more fresh air. There is a lot that can be said for spending time outside and it's something I'm definitely guilty of avoiding in favour of Netflix and an evening in front of the TV.

Have you got any tips for cheering yourself up? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy-J xo


Saturday, 25 October 2014


In place of my usual 'Saturday Selection' posts, I have decided that on the run up to the festive season I will be doing a wishlist from each major high street and online store for you instead, to show you the kind of products I'm lusting after up to the festive period.

I know I score absolutely 0 points for creativity or colour palette for this wishlist, but if I'm honest I set myself a really tough challenge to find items I actually wanted from H&M's current stock. H&M is a shop that I've barely looked in since the age of about 14 where I bought a rather suspect looking pair of leopard print leggings which at the time I absolutely worshipped. I remember their selection of oddly printed hoodies appealed during my emo stage as well, and my friends and I had a habit of forking out around £15 each weekend to add to our collections, that were thrown out almost as quickly as the ridiculous fringes were cut off once we grew up a little... (who am I trying to kid, I loved my emo phase.)

So I decided to tackle H&M first in my lil' wishlist series to see if their stock appeals anymore to my slightly more mature self. Answer? It doesn't (aside from their new Alexander Wang collab), but I've found a few pieces that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection! My favourites out of the items above are definitely the boots, jacket and 'Brooklyn' sweater, and I wouldn't mind adding the woolen bomber jacket to my winter coat collection either.

1. Wool blend bomber jacket £69.99 // 2. Cropped Top £29.98 // 3. Imitation Leather Top £29.99 // 4. 'Brooklyn' Sweatshirt £5.99 // 5. Knitted Polo Neck Jumper £19.99 // 6. Platform Boots £29.99 //

Are you loving H&M at the moment? Are there any stores where you really struggle to find items you'd like?

Lucy-J xo


Thursday, 23 October 2014


I'm not going to lie, this post very nearly didn't appear tonight. I am so absolutely 100% engrossed in the most ridiculously trashy, girly novel at the moment that I am actually slightly ashamed of myself, but I have managed to tear myself away long enough to introduce you to this fab little playsuit that NaaNaa very kindly sent me (courtesy of Branded Lab) last week - a massive thank you to Billie-Jo for her incredible generosity <3

I decided to style it in a more formal manner, to show you guys the kind of thing I'd wear for casual after-work drinks. This playsuit is honestly such a versatile piece - its bold print carrying the outfit and requiring minimal jewellery and a plain jacket, making it such an easy piece to style. I'm absolutely kicking myself for forgetting to get a picture of the back of it which definitely gives it the wow factor, however if you visit NaaNaa's website you can see for yourself just how gorgeous it really is! Styled with a little jacket such as this one from Boohoo, and a pair of heels it gives a comfortable, yet smart vibe, perfect for evenings in city bars.

I will be styling this in a more casual manner next week, to show  you how it can be taken from daytime to the evening with only a change of jacket and a pair of tights.

Would you wear something similar for an evening out? What super versatile pieces are you favouring this winter?

Lucy-J xo

// Playsuit: NaaNaa * // Jacket: Boohoo // Boots: Topshop (similar here) // Necklace: Cheap Monday at Urban Outfitters //


Tuesday, 21 October 2014


This is without doubt one of my favourite outfits that I've worn in a long time, however I'm not entirely happy with the pictures. I feel like something is off about them but I can't quite put my finger on what...

Anyway, I fear I'm heading into the last few weeks of being able to wear this top outside without catching my death, and so I plan on making the most of it so no doubt it will be making it's presence very much felt on here over the coming weeks. I think I bought it last year from Missguided on a whim before my holiday, and honestly it's probably one of my top 10 spontaneous purchases ever made, I've practically worn it to death, so it's a little strange it hasn't appeared on here before! I love its over sized slouch fit, and the ability to wear it over absolutely anything.

I decided to be sensible and team it with this absolutely gorgeous duster style jacket from NaaNaa. I saw it on a recent Branded Lab PR Instagram post and instantly fell in love, so when it landed on my doorstep last week it's safe to say I almost had a heart attack with excitement. It's SO warm and cosy I am absolutely over the moon with it, and I've finally filled my perfect winter coat shaped hole in my wardrobe. It's definitely become a winter staple and I can't wait to style it into the rest of my outfits over the coming months!

Keeping with the theme of absolute favourites, I paired it with my Cheap Monday spray on jeans which have got to be quite possibly the tightest things I've ever worn in my life, but broke my 7 year jean phobia quite spectacularly back in May. I also decided to cram my feet into these Zara slides one last time before I put them on eBay/Depop at some point soon. I love them but for some reason my brain thought it would be fine getting them a size smaller than I actually am as they didn't have the 5 in stock. Subsequently they've scarred my feet for life and despite being certifiably gorgeous there is no way that I can wear them next year. They need to find their forever home.

Are you as ridiculous about footwear as I am? Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe that you literally couldn't live without?

Lucy-J xo

// Jacket: NaaNaa* // Top: Missguided (similar here) // Bralette: Urban Outfitters (similar here)// Jeans: Cheap Monday // Shoes: Zara // 


Monday, 20 October 2014


I wanted to challenge myself a bit with this look. It has to be said, it's a fairly rare occurrence for me to wear a skirt, and even rarer to wear one as part of a casual outfit. It's not that I don't like skirts as such, I just don't really pen myself as a particularly 'girly girl' having to be practically forced into skirts and dresses as a child rather than living in my beloved jodhpurs, it's been a trait that's continued into adulthood - until now.

Missi Clothing are a fab British manufacturer and wholesaler, who supply to many high street and independent stores and boutiques, and they very generously sent me this gorgeous dogtooth print top after seeing my love of all things monochrome - I couldn't wait to style it. I'd originally intended to wear it with a different jacket, however after discovering it's comfortable, slouchy fit I kinda wanted that to continue into my outerwear, teaming it with my boyfriend fit Boohoo denim jacket. I will admit, I own this skirt from Missguided in burgundy as well, and actually wasn't going to buy the white one until I slipped it into my basket at the last minute on a whim - I'm so glad I did, it looked brilliant teamed with the bold print of the top.

If you want to see more of what Missi Clothing has to offer, don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

// Jacket: Boohoo (similar here) // Top: Missi Clothing* // Skirt: Missguided // Shoes: Office (and similar here) //


Sunday, 19 October 2014


I'm sorry I never provided you lovely lot with a Sunday post last week but alas I was still in London and exhausted after a weekend of bad behaviour, however as you may have noticed this week I'm back with lots of outfit shots to post and finally in possession of an (albeit old) video camera so fingers crossed I may be able to start my YouTube channel properly this week too - as long as I can shake off this cold.

So my weekend hasn't been hugely exciting as I've spent most of it in bed reading blogs, finishing OiTNB (sobs dramatically whilst waiting for season 3) and reblogging far too many pictures of The 1975 on Tumblr, but this week itself has been pretty good work wise and I've now got another trip to London soon to look forward to which is certainly making the rubbish weather and hideous cold much better!

As far as this week is concerned, my aims include *cough for dramatic affect*

1) Shift this revolting cold so that I can start going to the gym again and getting active.
2) Start using social media a little more, and to better effect.
3) Manage to watch at least one episode of AHS in the dark without freaking myself out and having to turn it off half way through.

Silly goals this week but I'm saving the serious stuff for when I'm feeling better - then I've got some serious lifestyle changes to make.

What are your aims for the week ahead?

Lucy-J xo

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Saturday Selection 14.0
I go through phases every few years/months of being completely enamoured with a designers. Alexander Wang has always been someone who's clothes I've worshipped from afar but who I've never really taken much notice of until recently while browsing Shufflehub and I've found myself wanting everything. I swear that website will be my downfall (or that of my bank balance at least).

Honestly, if I could dress head to toe in AW for the rest of my life I would be a very happy girly, and considering his collaboration with H&M drops in a matter of weeks, that dream could soon become a slightly more conceivable reality. This weeks selection, although featuring none of his collaboration collection, is almost exclusively AW (minus the ring, which was just too awesome not to feature) and essentially embodies the way I wish I could afford to dress right now. I know that white isn't a stereotypically winter colour choice, but considering everything in my wardrobe is monochrome I really don't see myself in any other colour combination any time soon.

While I'm drowning in a sea of tissues this weekend, you all now know what I'll be lusting over. Do you guys have any designers you're particularly into at the moment? Are you looking forward to the Alexander Wang/H&M collaboration?

Lucy-J xo


Thursday, 16 October 2014


 Cheesiest, most predictable title known to mankind but I'm poorly and tired and this is the best I could come up with. I took these photos while I was down in London (surprise, surprise) and I think this is probably the happiest I've felt with a chilled out, day time outfit in such a long time, despite the fact my feet were a blistered mess by the end of the day.

I wore this fab little Missguided dress for sheer comfort while visiting the Natural History Museum and the V&A - yes that's right, I went full tourist and I loved it. The dress definitely clings to all my curves which I perhaps wasn't 100% comfortable with as I'm still working through some issues but it was so comfortable I could definitely forgive it. To keep the chilled out vibe (and in case of cold weather) I knotted my favourite Topshop checked shirt around my waist which definitely kept the outfit super casual. I should have taken everyone's advice and stuck to flats but I was determined to wear my new boots again despite them not being broken in. They looked fab but 6 hours later my feet definitely didn't agree (note to self: in future, either refrain from such stupidity or pack plasters!). Finally, I did wear this with my leather jacket but for the sake of nice photos, I took it off. For full authenticity however, imagine a studded leather jacket to finish the whole thing off ;)

What would you wear for a tourist-y day? Are you into the knotted shirt look?

Lucy-J xo

// Dress: Missguided // Shirt: Topshop (last year, similar here) // Boots: Topshop  // 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014


We all know how embarrassingly bad I am with YouTube by now, and since my camera point blank refuses to film anything this is yet another video on my laptop. I was actually going to upload my September Favourites video tonight (late, I know) but when going through the video files on my laptop I found this haul video I'd never uploaded from the Branded Lab #fightcancerwithfashion event and thought I should probably upload this instead.

I just want to apologise to everyone involved for the horrendous facial/hand gesture at the beginning. There are times when I question what I actually am because I'm pretty sure it's not human. At least I don't take myself too seriously eh?! Anyway, to focus on the more important points - how gorgeous are the clothes?! I swear the top I'm wearing by Trend Two is actually one of my favourite things in my wardrobe at the moment, and we all know how obsessed I am with the satin joggers.

I hope you're all having a nice week, I'm in a total London funk, can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks!

Lucy-J xo

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Ok, I will admit it. I'm running out of suitable song names to use as post titles, and somehow I don't think using songs from Suicide Silence or Waking the Cadaver would be entirely well appreciated so for the time being you'll be stuck with whatever my brain comes up with at the time. 

I wore this outfit last week to go to for date night with my best friends (10 points if you can guess what we went to see at the cinema) and I think I spent 90% of the time talking about how weirdly grown up I felt. I mean, I never wear roll neck jumpers. Ever. And I even combined them with sensible shoes - I think hell may have frozen over. That jumper though... It's SO comfortable and warm and snuggly that I genuinely could wear it forever and not get bored. I teamed it with my faux leather leggings from Runway to give it a slightly edgier look, and my amazing new Topshop boots which I am totally in love with. Literally if I could marry a pair of shoes, those would be the ones despite how much they wrecked my feet in London. We suffer for love eh?

Are you into knitwear this season? 

Lucy-J xo

// Jumper: Missguided // Leggins: Runway (similar here) // Boots: Topshop //


Monday, 13 October 2014


Apologies for the radio silence over the last few days, I've been busy living it up in London since Thursday which may or may not have led to me lying semi-comatose in bed with a big eat bag of Sensations and share sized bar of Dairy Milk tonight after work...

Mum took these photos of me in town last week, and at the time I really loved them. Now I'm not too sure, convinced it shows my true tiny self rather than giving me the illusion of being tall. How gorgeous is this sweater though?! I'm fairly sure I've featured it in an outfit post before, but it's definitely going to be an item that's going to feature heavily on the blog over the next few months as its just so beautifully warm and comfortable. It kinda reminds me of Wildfox, just without the crazy price tag, and teamed with my faux-leather skort I picked up from Runway last year it was the perfect smart casual outfit for a day shopping in town. To try and counteract the aforementioned shortness, I also wore my Topshop cleated mules which are so much comfier than they look!

Do you have a statement sweater that you're loving at the moment?

Lucy-J xo

// Sweater: River Island // Skort: Runway // Shoes: Topshop // Choker: Urban Outfitters //


Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I put this outfit together on a whim this weekend and oh boy am I glad that inspiration hit. I've been wondering for a while how best to style this wonderful Trend Two top since I picked it up at the Branded Lab event last month, and then finally decided to wear it with my satin joggers by the same brand and voila, a match made in heaven!

I really have fallen in love with these trousers recently, they're just so super flattering and comfortable, and anything that screams style and sheer comfort to me is an absolute winner. Teaming them with these military style boots from Topshop (I bought them 5 years ago and only just started wearing them, what is wrong with me?!) definitely gave the outfit more of an edge, and the bold, demonic print on the top broke up the monotony of an all black outfit.

I will start linking the items I'm wearing into blog posts soon, it's something I've been meaning to do for a while - so keep your eyes peeled for updated links if you're interested in shopping any of the items that I wear.

How would you have styled this top? Are you a fan of bold prints?

Lucy-J xo

// Top: Trend Two // Trousers: Trend Two // Boots: TopShop // Bracelet: Runway //


Tuesday, 7 October 2014


So by now, I think we're all aware of my not so secret love of Orange is the New Black, and chocolate cake also ranks pretty highly on my list of things that I probably shouldn't indulge in as often as I do, but let me introduce you to my new #1 'I really shouldn't but...oh go on then' favourite website, Shufflehub.

Now I think I speak for most of us when I say there's nothing better than a good browse on our favourite online retailers' websites, I for one am usually glued to the 'New In' section of Missguided around payday each month, but there is nothing more infuriating than not being sure what you want, and trawling through pages and pages of clothes to still feel totally uninspired. Possibly even worse, is finding the item you love only to find an even better one several days later when browsing another website and wondering why on Earth you hadn't found that first.

Here is where Shufflehub steps in - all your favourite retailers in one place at just the touch of a button! The brilliant thing is, the site caters for all your needs, whether you know what you're looking for or not. You know the feeling you get when you walk into a shop and everything is in one place and you can browse it all at your own pace? The Shufflehub experience does just that for you and from the comfort of your own bed (where I am currently browsing) or even from your office, you can browse at random through over 50 leading brands all in one place which is brilliant if you're not sure what you're after. If you are looking for a specific item, their handy filters can help to refine your search and the user friendly interface makes navigating the site quick, simple and totally stress free.
I've been amazed by how much more pleasurable online shopping has become since discovering Shufflehub, and it's actually introduced me to brands I hadn't heard of before, as well as encouraging me to consider brands I'd never normally shop with.

Don't forget to connect with Shufflehub on Twitter and Facebook, and keep your eyes peeled for their brand new app soon to launch!

Have you shopped with Shufflehub before? What did you think of the experience?

Lucy-J xo

Monday, 6 October 2014


In a last ditch attempt to hold on to the summer, last weekend I danced around barefoot in a field. Why you may ask? In answer I have absolutely no idea, I just really loved this outfit and it reminded me so much of summer festivals that I decided to channel my inner hippy just one last time before I safely put her to bed until next summer.

This style skirt was something I'd been lusting after for months before finding this fab little NaaNaa number at the Branded Lab event last month. Technically, I had no money left for it, but I couldn't just leave it looking all sad on the shelf on it's own so I raided my purse for loose change and scraped together the £3 it cost. Yup, that's right. £3. Amazing huh?! Teamed with this little Boohoo simple crop, Primark headband and Shop Dixi cuff this whole outfit came under the £30 price bracket which personally I think is quite an achievement, especially seeing as the bracelet cost over £15 and is definitely something I will be wearing during next year's festival season!

How would you guys style this skirt?

Lucy-J xo

// Top: Boohoo // Skirt: NaaNaa // Headband: Primark // Wrist Cuff: Shop Dixi //

And because no outfit post would be complete without a shot of me laughing like an idiot:

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