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Thursday, 25 September 2014


Trust me to pick such a sinister title for post dedicated to something so sweet, delicate, utterly feminine and dare I say it... sexy(?!).

Underwear is something that I've noticed is rarely spoken about on blogs yet it's something that all of us wear whether we want to or not. Whether that's due to its personal nature or it just being 'not the done thing' I'm not sure, but I decided to break the trend a little and go all out with a post about these beautiful sets from Elle MacPherson Intimates.

Now, I'm not exactly blessed in the chest department, and I'm not ashamed to admit it either (flat chested and proud *waves flag*) so I tend to find it quite difficult to find bras that are flattering and sexy and most importantly grown up. With my meagre cup size, the most I've found in the past, without having to fork out a horrendous amount of cash, is plain black or white affairs or the kind of bras you used to buy when you were 14 (think horrifically patterned t-shirt bras *shudders*).

At 22, I want to be wearing something that is cute and flattering but that makes me feel special as well. I might be single, but I wear my underwear for myself, and knowing that I have something ultra feminine and sexy underneath my every day clothes just gives me an added boost of confidence, so you can imagine how happy I was when browsing recently at Cheshire Oaks I came across the Elle MacPherson Intimates shop and found the most perfect underwear sets at affordable prices that actually fit me!

This underwear is truly beautiful, made from the softest lace and cotton I have ever come across and with the most perfect detailing, it's so comfortable that it literally feels like I'm not wearing anything, to the stage where I have had to actually double check several times throughout the day while I was out because I just didn't trust that I hadn't forgotten it that morning! If you're in the market for an underwear makeover, they are more than worth the money!

Have you tried Elle MacPherson Intimates? Do you find your underwear choices directly affect your confidence?

Lucy-J xo



  1. Lovely indeed :)))


  2. Such lovely sets!! I've needed to get some new underwear so will deffo check out their website :)

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

    1. It's so worth it! They're not the cheapest in the world but I've found them to be a lot more affordable than Agent Provocateur or VS xo

  3. These are all so beautiful, being a small chested lady myself I also have trouble finding decent bras! I may have to check them out in future though.
    Also I love your blog makeover, so sophisticated <3 xo

    Percy and Prunella

    1. Thank you babe! It looks much better doesn't it?! Definitely worth checking out the brand as well, it's made me so happy to be able to find underwear that's age appropriate and actually fits me! xo

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