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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


In hindsight (it's a wonderful thing isn't it?!) I should have probably uploaded this before I went to Leeds... but never mind, today will suffice and seeing as we still have Bestival coming up before the 2014 festival season comes to an end, hopefully a few people will find this helpful!

I thought I'd best give a brief overview of everything I took and why, so without further ado I will begin.

1. Tissues. You can never take enough tissues with you to a festival. I actually took three packs and I was only there for the day. They can come in handy in so many ways, but mainly as toilet roll to save you having to actually carry a load of Andrex around with you for when you inevitably need to go. I also found I had to use them this year when I got a little over emotional seeing a certain band, but I am pleased to say that random outbursts of music related emotion are quite rare for me!

2. Instax Camera. Now I'm aware that not everybody will have one of these, and if I was going for the whole weekend I might actually have not taken it with me for fear of it getting lost, however just going for the day was different and I found it a really unique way to capture the events of the day. Needless to say however that a disposable camera would work just as well, along with your phone or digital camera.

3. Sunglasses. Pretty self-explanatory really, but with the weather in England you need to be prepared for any eventuality!

4. ID & Bank Card. I prefer to take cash with me to festivals, however I will usually hide my bank card in an inner zip pocket of my bag just in case I run out of funds. Most festivals will have cash points dotted around the festival site, or failing that a lot of the stands will have card machines for you to use when you make your purchases. My ID is pretty self-explanatory, being over 18 I carry it everywhere with me in case I ever need to buy any age related products. It's also a great way of making sure you can be identified if there was ever an accident and you were unconscious. (Wow, that got pretty serious pretty quickly!)

5. Hand Sanitizer. I carry this everywhere with me as standard as I'm a total clean freak when it comes to hygiene, however especially at festivals I am absolutely religious in applying this as you never know who else has touched what you're touching, and the sheer volume of people there is a veritable breeding ground for germs. Ew. Quite often festivals will provide hand sanitizer in the toilet areas, however I always like to have my own with me as well. 

6. Bin Bag (not pictured). My wonderful and ever practical friend suggested taking bin bags to sit on in case the ground was damp which was fantastic, especially as we were only there for the day and were therefore unable to go back to the tent to sit down and relax. 

7. First Aid Kit. Ever practical, I like to take one of these with me each year no matter how long I'm going to be there for. I always take a mixture of things in it, including bite creams, painkillers, plasters and tablets for an upset stomach. 

So that was my little run down of my festival bag for this year! Of course if I'd gone for the whole weekend I would have taken a lot more with me, but hopefully I'll be able to show you that next summer!

What would you take in your festival bags?

Lucy-J xo


  1. I'm going to Bestival aha! Although I do wish that I had gone to Reading as well, the line up was AMAZING! This is really helpful, having not gone to a festival in two years, I have kind of forgotten what to carry around with me!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Wasn't it just?! I'm still so gutted I wasn't there for the whole weekend, although I saw my favourite band on the Friday, my other favourite played on the Saturday and I missed them >.< Awwh good I'm glad you found it helpful! The other things I'd pack for a whole weekend would be a portable phone charger and perhaps an actual roll of toilet roll although the tissues work just as well :) xo

  2. Great list, a bin bag is a really good idea, I've never thought of that!


    1. Thank you! I wouldn't have thought of it either if it hadn't been for my friend but it turned out to be an absolute life saver as it was quite damp having rained a lot the night before! It was also useful to have them to put dirty wellies and stuff in on the way home in the car :) xo

  3. I've never been to a festival, but this was a cute post! Hope you get some nice shots of the festival with your camera xxx

    She Will Be

    1. Thank you! Hopefully you'll be able to go to one soon :) The shots came out quite nicely thank you, although I didn't take as many as I thought I would in the end! xox

  4. A bin bag to sit on? That's the best festival tip I think I've heard!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you! It was the best idea ever, we could literally sit down anywhere without having to worry about getting wet or covered in mud! xo

  5. Great tips, never though of taking a bin bag to sit on



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