This summer seems to be one of new experiences for me. First going out for breakfast, and now, wearing the exact same outfit (see, I told you I’d post it eventually) I found myself off to Chester Races for a lovely day in the sun with one of my best friends. 
Admittedly, these aren’t the most flattering photos for me figure wise, however I felt a million dollars in this outfit, and my confidence soared while I was swanning around the County Stand sunglasses on, and money to burn! I’m quite lucky in that my Granny was majorly into racing when I was little, so I used to spend many a weekend sat watching it with her. I watched it more for the horses than anything else as I was shoved up on a horse’s back for the first time at the tender age of 8 months old, but I think some of her betting skills must have subconsciously passed on to me as I ended up with more wins than losses! 

I absolutely adore this Primark midi dress-it honestly looks such high quality in the flesh that you definitely wouldn’t think it was Primark’s finest, and coupled with my Topshop blazer and Urban Outfitters hat it was the perfect smart summer outfit, and luckily it was so lightweight that when the sun came out I barely overheated at all!

It was so refreshing to see everyone so dressed up, and as it was a child friendly event there was none of the drunken debauchery we usually see in Chester on race days! I’ve decided I’m definitely going back as often as possible, although next time I want a hospitality box dahhhhling 😉

Have you ever been to the races? What is your perfect race day outfit?

Lucy-J xo

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