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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


I look so worried in that top photo! I think I was trying to look all cool and mysterious while looking into the middle distance but instead I look like I've just noticed my neighbour behaving rather strangely. 

Anyway, I went into town this weekend to do some shopping for Leeds Festival, and confronted with warm but wet weather I had absolutely no idea what to wear. Deciding against jeans to avoid the denim sticking to my legs scenario, I pulled on this plain black skater dress I'd bought from Boohoo earlier in the year. I usually pair it with a bomber jacket and my trusty Office boots, however this time I decided on my Boohoo oversized acid wash denim jacket instead for a splash of colour.

This turned out to be the perfect combo, and gave me a bit of a 90's grunge feel - a trend I love but forever panic that I can't pull off. Maybe I'll unleash my inner grunge goddess one of these days, but for today you will have to put up with my slightly more sedate take on the trend. Baby steps remember, baby steps ;)

What are you guys wearing in this strange weather?

Lucy-J Love xo

Dress: Boohoo // Denim Jacket: Boohoo // Watch: Micheal Kors // Boots: Office

(Apologies for the change in background with some of these, I couldn't decide which I liked more so took them against two walls, but we'll pretend I was consistent!!)


  1. love the addition of the denim jack - really like the oversized fit.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you! It's a definite favourite of mine :) <3

  2. Love this outfit! That denim jacket is amazing :)



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