It’s summer, you know, that glorious time of year filled full of promise. Long weeks of sunny weather blending into one another, seemingly endless…
Yeah, I can dream eh? Working full time kinda takes the edge off the whole summer holiday vibe, especially when all your friends are still studying or looking for jobs, you tend to feel quite jealous of their endless lie ins and their ability to do anything they want with their day while you drag yourself to the office at 8am, coffee in hand. 

My job is not in the creative sector, so on the days when I find I’m missing my art foundation degree course, and the days filled with painting and drawing and expressing myself through my art, I pick up my sketchbook or my Wreck this Journal and get busy!

 Please excuse both the horrendous handwriting and my atrocious nails in this picture!

I first got the idea to start my sketchbook/scrapbook after seeing this post from my lovely friend Gab earlier in the year, and finally armed myself with an old sketchbook I had left over, and some printed photos of things that inspired me including images of New York, the city where I found myself, my favourite lyrics and my favourite bands. 

Its so relaxing to sit and listen to some music and just create whatever comes into my mind again, it’s almost like a breath of fresh air (cheesey eh?!). Finding pictures that inspire you to create your own original works whether those be drawings/paintings, writing or even music is such a wonderful feeling, and teaming them with your favourite quotes can really deepen the personal meanings you find within them. I find this such a release, especially if I’m particularly stressed or if I’ve had a difficult day, and it makes me feel connected to my artistic side again.

Of course it always helps when I have one of my little fur babies assisting me!

What gets you guys feeling inspired? Do you keep a journal or scrapbook? I’d love to see some of your creations!

Lucy-J xo

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