I featured my lovely little Instax camera in my ‘Whats in my Bag?’ post (see here) but I thought considering it is with me wherever I go and is without doubt my favourite thing that I’ve bought this year, it deserved a whole post to itself.

Photography has been a big part of my life for a very long time – I’ve always adored being behind the camera, but at the age of 16 I decided it was what I wanted to do for a career and at university. Unfortunately, due to health reasons university didn’t work out for me, but my love of photography remains. I have a vast camera collection, from my vintage Polaroid camera from the 70’s, my Pentax MV-1 analogue film camera and my lomography camera, to my Canon EOS 550D which is what I’ve been taking the majority of my blog photographs with, so I didn’t think twice about adding this little beauty to my collection.

I started this year off wanting to make as many memories as possible – it got to NYE last year and I saw everybody’s videos on Instagram and realised that for various reasons I had no pictures of my own with my friends, and I’d wasted a whole year. I now have a little box under my bed that is slowly filling with Instax shots from the last 7 months and I adore looking through them all and remembering the times I’ve spent with my favourite people.

Instax cameras are so handy when you’re out and about with friends, as the photos are well, instant!! I love how they’re so unpredictable – there’s none of the convenience of a digital camera, no being able to see what the photo looks like through a flippable screen or being able to delete it if you don’t like it. The excitement of watching the photograph develop before your eyes and the typical hilarity that ensues when you see how horrendous some of them are is half the joy for me!

The quality of the photographs as well is brilliant – there’s none of the typical grain on the pictures that you get with a film camera, and although it’s not brilliant in low light conditions there are lots of settings on the camera to give you the best possible result, including a Bulb setting for long exposures, double exposure setting, macro and many more. I personally haven’t explored these much, but gaining inspiration from the books pictured above I intend to spend a lot more of this summer playing around with it!

Do you have an Instax camera? Feel free to share some of your favourite shots with me!

Lucy-J xo

Instax camera bought:here 
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Film: here

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