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Thursday, 10 July 2014


Forgive me for going all Miranda Priestly on you for a minute (and yes, I know she was referencing florals for spring but when a Devil Wears Prada reference can be made, who am I to say no?) but seriously, the pastel colours for summer are anything but a new idea, however they're something I'm only just attempting for the first time this year.

Having been a staunch supporter of all things black and alternative for years, I'm only just starting to branch out into a) colour and b) actual fashion, and it's scary but I sure do love it. I decided that this year, I especially wanted to be brave with my nails. Luckily, this is probably one of the more affordable sides to fashion and beauty, with so many great nail polishes on the market for a really good price.

My current favourites are by Topshop, and include this gorgeous off white colour 'Exposed' that I'm wearing in these pictures. These normally retail at £5.00 for their basic range and £6.00 for their matte finish and glitter polishes. I find that, while their colour selection is absolutely perfect, with pretty much every shade under the sun available, they quite often need three coats, as the polish can go onto the nail quite thinly and therefore needs building up.

Another perk of the pastel nail trend, aside from looking absolutely gorgeous, is that the paler pastel colours do wonders for automatically deepening and enhancing even the palest tan, and when you're practically glow in the dark like myself, you need all the help you can get!

What are your favourite summer nail trends and why? Can you recommend me any other great brands?


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