RAWK by heroinblues featuring MAC Cosmetics

So today’s Saturday selection is inspired by the years I spent as a teenager at gigs, immersing myself in my local unsigned music scene, trying my hand at gig photography and just generally living my life. One of my favourite memories is going to our local venue to shoot a band from Manchester, who decided to adopt me and take me on tour for the week. It was so totally out of my comfort zone but one of the best weeks of my life and at the moment I’m missing everything about that time of my life. 

Everything about live music for me screams comfort and familiarity, and nothing says comfort to me more than a slouchy tee and some gorgeous tailored trousers like these by Vivienne Westwood. The tartan print contrasts so nicely with the crisp white shirt, and the black accessories really add a grungey feel to the whole outfit. I’d finish it off with a classic red lip for a dash of sexy sophistication and just a hint of danger… 

Cross shirt / Vivienne Westwood red pants / Pieces backpacks bag, $54 / Round sunglasses / MAC Cosmetics lipstick

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