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Thursday, 31 July 2014


Last week I did something incredibly out of character. I bought a recipe book. Now for people who don't know me, this might not come as a huge shock, but the people who do know me will know that I am basically a massive cooking phobe. I just don't do cooking - however last week, I decided that I really need to overhaul my life and I was going to start with my diet. 

Now is probably the time to mention that I am absolutely not doing this to lose weight, I am perfectly happy with the weight I am. I just want to tone up a little more and make myself absolutely primed for the new competition season starting in September (I'm a dancer, I don't think I've mentioned this before?!)

Dancing obviously gives me a massive work out, and I try to make sure I train at the gym two days a week as well as dance practice, so I do exercise a lot. The gym is a new addition to my routine, before I was just dancing every night after work, but I began to find my motivation to practice was suffering when I was training night in night out, doing the same thing on my own as I'm only with my trainer 3 nights a week, so down to the gym I went, and the lovely staff there created a work out program for me to follow to help maximise my stamina and strength for dancing.

This really only left my diet. Now we all have problem areas that we'd like to change on our body no matter how large or small we are, and mine happens to be my hips and the little flabby bit at the bottom of my stomach. My fitness fanatic friend told me the only way to lose that was to completely cut out chocolate etc from my diet, and it's taken me literally months to pluck up the courage to do it, but I finally have. 

Armed with my trusty new cookbook bursting with tasty looking, sugar free snacks, I'm slowly overhauling my diet into something tailored to maximise my body's potential. Now, I'm not saying I will never eat sugar again - I'm allowing myself chocolate or dessert if I go out for a meal, at Christmas and on special occasions. However, the rest of the time I am eating as cleanly as possible. 

I also take Juice Plus capsules and have been doing for a few months now. Although I can no longer feel the effects of them as strongly as I did to begin with, as I've been taking them for a while, I can testify that they work absolute wonders. The first month of me taking them I felt so energetic, healthy and just all round great - and this is how I'm feeling again since cutting out all the rubbish from my diet! 

I honestly thought I'd miss the sugary goodness, it's really not been too bad, although I'm very much looking forward to helping my Dad eat his birthday cake tomorrow (and my Saturday morning waffle tradition with my best friend) so I guess I'm not a total convert yet!

What healthy eating and lifestyle tips do you have? Feel free to share them in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you all!

Lucy-J xo

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