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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Jacket: Topshop // Boots: Boohoo // Playsuit: Zara // Headband: Primark

Slight change to normal proceedings here in that unfortunately of the billion photos I actually got of this outfit, this is the only one that actually looks in focus off the camera. How annoying eh? So, major apologies on that one guys but next time normal service will be resumed...

This gorgeous little Zara playsuit actually belonged to my Mum (perks of having a Mum who's both the same size as you and is really into fashion) until a few weeks ago when she unceremoniously threw it at me after stating she'd only worn it once. I have proceeded to almost live in it since, it's SO comfortable and completely different to anything I'd normally wear. It's so colourful, and although you can't tell properly from the picture, it's got a gorgeous print on it of diamonds, crystals and special stones. Apparently it was supposed to wear over swimwear but since I've never followed the rules anyway I decided to totally ignore this advice and strut my stuff through the city in it. No regrets. It does make me look slightly more bulky around the hips and bum than I actually am but I can live with that because it's SO PRETTY.

I teamed it with my trusty Boohoo boots which I actually believe I haven't shown you yet, and my gorgeous studded leather jacket which was a present from the parents a year or so ago when I'd literally worn my old one to death. Touch wood, aside from a few makeup stains, this one is lasting the course. I finally decided to add a bit of festival flare with this little studded head band I found on my jewellery stand that I think I got for £1 from Primark last year in a set of two. It finished off the outfit perfectly and solved the problem of not knowing what to do with my hair.

What are your favourite outfits at the moment?

Lucy-J xo

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  1. love this outfit!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. there's a cute Dahlia trench coat giveaway on my blog at the moment, click here!


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