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UK fashion blogger Lucy Love
My relationship with all things denim has been well documented on these pages since the very inception of my blog. In fact, I have a whole post dedicated to my seven year jean phobia, and several dedicated to the two pairs that successfully brought me out of it (here and here if you're interested). While denim has slowly made its way into my wardrobe, it has never become a staple item for me until recently when I discovered the Topshop straight leg jeans and my life hasn't been quite the same since. 
UK Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
If you guys have been long term readers of this blog, you'll probably be familiar with my everlasting love affair with the humble blazer. This love affair dates right back to 2014 and my first few months of blogging when I was going through a bit of a Made in Chelsea phase and wanted to look super sophisticated everywhere I went on the off chance of bagging myself a city boy (not likely when you live in rural Cheshire but a girl could dream). I wandered into Topshop one Saturday morning and by chance found the blazer of my dreams which is still in my wardrobe today.

Fashion blogger Lucy Love
You know when you buy something that you think is going to be oh so totally perfect for your wardrobe and then you don't really wear it even half as much as you thought you would? That's what has happened with these trousers, and you guys I am not stoked about it. These trousers are beautiful, they fit like a dream and I am determined to make them work in so many ways before the year is out.
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