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Friday, 16 November 2018


UK blogger Lucy Love styles Miss Selfridge teddy coat
Rewind four years to the conception of LJLV and you may remember the ridiculously beautiful oversized black teddy coat that I wore to death throughout the winter of 2014 and well into 2015. It was from Primark, was a hand-me-down from Momma Love and it was one of the best things that came into my wardrobe that year. It kept me warm during the baltic Northern winter and not only that, it kept me warm when I was ridiculous and insisted upon wearing crop tops in November (I know, I was young and naive and it won't happen again).


Wednesday, 14 November 2018


UK blogger Lucy Love
As you may have noticed - and not just because I've prattled on about it with startling regularity on these digital pages - my style has changed a lot this year. At the start of the year I was still all about the sports-luxe trend which is in fact a trend I still adore although perhaps wear less of these days, and all about trying to fit in more with the alternative scene whereas in reality I was just craving a simple, perhaps more "mainstream" look.

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