Luxury meets alternative.

Fashion blogger Lucy Love
A year ago, I probably wouldn't have posted these photos. That probably seems crazy to a lot of people and even I'm sat here scratching my head and trying to work out why, but I just know I wouldn't have done. I'd have found fault with how short my legs look, with how much weight I've put on since I started blogging. With my lack of abs, slightly larger upper arms or the fact that I've put weight on in my face too. And while I can still see all those things, I'm finding it wonderfully refreshing that I actually, quite frankly, don't give a fuck anymore. 
Fashion blogger Lucy Love
If you are an OG reader of this here blog, you've probably heard me mention on more than one occasion that comfort is one of my number one requirements when it comes to a piece of clothing. Now don't get me wrong, we're all aware by now that I like the glam looks and to look a little boujee but comfort is still king and if I can get away with wearing a pair of joggers and trainers every day then you can bet your bottom dollar that is exactly what I'll do. 
UK fashion blogger Lucy Love
I think as small children we all look forward to the time when we will be 'grown up'. Whether that be a teenager, so glamorous to us back then, or whether that be yearning for adulthood and getting away from the authority of school and parents, we all dreamed of the day when we'd be able to do our own thing, be our own person and start forging our own way in the world.

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