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Fashion blogger Lucy Love
You know when you buy something that you think is going to be oh so totally perfect for your wardrobe and then you don't really wear it even half as much as you thought you would? That's what has happened with these trousers, and you guys I am not stoked about it. These trousers are beautiful, they fit like a dream and I am determined to make them work in so many ways before the year is out.
Fashion blogger Lucy Love
I'm writing this post, pretty exhausted, on the eve of the most productive Sunday I've had in a long while. A rum and coke is firmly in hand, and I thought I'd regale you with a list of things I've got done today just so I can brag to somebody because nobody in my household seems to be particularly interested. I woke up, went straight to the gym and did a full body workout for an hour, then drove back and made a super healthy lunch. Then I filmed a video, did a clothes wash, cleaned and tidied my room, changed my bed, filmed another video, decluttered my entire makeup collection, washed all my makeup brushes, washed myself and now I'm sat writing this. Considering yesterday I barely made it out of bed thanks to my good friend Anxiety, I'm pretty proud of myself. 
Blogger Lucy Love
While we may have only just reached the mid-point of 2018 (anyone else feel like it should still be January?) this year has already been hugely transformative for me. I think I've mentioned this on the blog before, but I tend to give myself an overall theme for each year to work towards, for example 'happiness' or 'health'. I decided on New Years Eve last year, that 2018 would be the year that I begin to transform as a person and rid myself of more than a few demons I've been carrying around with me for a long time.

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